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17 February 16:00 - 23:00Parkliv

All you need to know

Come and meet developers in a relaxed atmosphere, play their games and enjoy some great food.

The event is open for everyone and entry is free, but we have a limited capacity. If you can't come, please update your RSVP so people on the waiting list can attend. Drinks will be for purchase.

How to get there

Parkliv is right next to the bus stop Marabouparken (Sundbyberg). The bus operates all day, every 30 minutes. You can also take a short walk from Sundbyberg Station, which connects to T-bana, Tvärbanan, Pendeltåg and Regionaltåg.

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Meet these developers and play their games

Vic Bassey
Might & Delight


Step into the paws of a lynx cub as she takes her first steps in a vast environment.

Made in Stockholm

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Emil Berner


A game about a space traveler who crash lands in an unknown world.

Made in Stockholm

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Vendela Carlberg Larsson


A poetic, roguelike space odyssey in a procedurally generated world.

Made in Stockholm

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Jonatan Crafoord
That Brain

20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds

An expedition through a wondrous world full of floating islands, sky pirates and strange civilizations.

Made in Stockholm

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Jonathan Hise Kaldma


A procedurally generated city.

Made in Stockholm

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Joel Staaf Hästö
Clifftop Games

Kathy Rain

Set in the 90’s, Kathy investigates a local mystery and the legacy of her recently deceased grandfather.

Made in Stockholm

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Martin Jonasson

twofold inc.

From the creator of rymdkapsel comes a puzzle game you've never seen before.

Made in Malmö

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Philip Johansson
Teotl Studios

The Solus Project

An exploration and survival experience, set on a mysterious and seemingly uninhabited alien planet.

Made in Uppsala

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Colin Lane & Folmer Kelly


Wrassling is the national sport of Slamdovia.

Made in Stockholm/Edinburgh

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Victor Lionhead

Rain of Reflections

A cyberpunk noir role-playing game set in the futuristic, dystopian city.

Made in Stockholm

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David Rosén
Pieces Interactive

Kill to Collect

A 1-4 player co-op roguelike set in a 80's inspired cyberpunk universe.

Made in Skövde

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Erik Svedäng
Erik Svedäng AB

else Heart.Break()

A game about friendship, love and technology in a place where bits have replaced atoms.

Made in Göteborg

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Rickard Westman
Visiontrick Media


A fourth-person puzzling adventure.

Made in Stockholm/Tokyo

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Andreas Zecher
Spaces of Play

Future Unfolding

Explore a mystical world filled with life, both beautiful and dangerous.

Made in Stockholm/Berlin

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